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Hybrid Pools

More Durability and Shorten Installation Period

Our ultimate pool can be installed without concrete or partially in-ground and partially above ground, what we call a hybrid swimming pool are traditional pool with innovative building method. The best for Hybrid Pool are flexibilities, either to build with concrete foundation or fully prefabricated in factory and assemble at site. Perfect for island country where hardly go get high-strength concrete. We are the pioneer and only distributor in Malaysia.


Why Our Hybrid Pools?

Any Size and Budget

We can create the size that fits your yard and budget! Standard round, oval and Grecian sizes available but if those don’t meet your needs, custom sizing is an option.

Standing Behind Our Product

With our secret ingredient materials you can choose all kind of finishing liner for the pool from Epoxy paint, Eco finish, liner, Tiles or even natural stone.


Waterproof High strength Fibre Reinforced Plastic to replace conventional reinforcement concrete wall, prefabricated in factory according to shape and size.

Faster Construction Time & Longer Warranty

With this innovative technology its about 1 time faster the construction period compare with conventional way of building a swimming pool hence with this method of build are better durability and longer the warranty period.

Installation Process For Our Hybrid Pools

1. Preparation 

To begin with, your pool designs are sent to experts to ensure that we’re all good to go. customer can also obtain permits from their local council, as well as relevant insurance to ensure you are protected.

2. Setting Out & Excavation

Next, our expert team comes out to site and sets out the perimeter of your new hybrid pool in Malaysia. The site is then excavated to the appropriate depth for a perfect fit.

3. Foundation

Once the excavation is complete, we will fill 150mm thk crusher run for loose-fill earth, The crushed stone and the dust will naturally adhere to one another, forming a strong bond that will prevent pieces from shifting and scattering. On top of this natural bond, though, will use machine compacted for added rigidity.

4. Preparation for Casting

Before we start install rebar we will have lean concrete to provide the uniform surface to the foundation concrete and to prevent the direct contact of foundation concrete from the soil.

5. Reinforcement

All swimming pool are with different steel rebar design to help concrete withstand tension forces it base on the shape, size, location and need therefore all steel rebar are engineer formula and design to make it sustainable and durable.

6. Assembly

Prefabricated panels deliver to site and ready for assemble, it took only 1 day to finish assemble without any mess at site.

7. Performance Test

This are the importance step, after assembled all panels we will begin ponding test to make sure zero-leakage and pressurize all pipeline to make sure all joints all connected well.

8. Finishing Works

We choose only the best suitable finishing for swimming pool use and to match the overall design.

9. Enjoy

With all the step by step procedure we can ensure the swimming pool we build are durability and sustainable therefor we can offer longest warranty for our customer.


How long will it take for my pool to be completed?

Once the excavation of your site is complete, it generally takes between 3 and 6 weeks for your project to be finished. The actual timeline will generally depend on the complexity of your site.

What sizes and depths are available?

With Hybrid Pool system we can do any size and shape for you

Can I use tiles or natural stone as finishing?

Yes, you can choose any of the finishing you like such as epoxy paint, vinyl liner, tiles or natural stone, with our special made adhesive, it’ll create a good bonding inside water.
Note : Not all adhesive are with good bonding under water.

How soon after installation can I use the pool?

once we done testing and commissioning you are good to swim

How about maintenance?

Basically, all type of swimming pool are same maintenance, clean swimming pool floor with vacuum and balance the water chemical. Or you can have a robot cleaner to clean for you.