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Shell Pools

Achieve Style And Luxury On A Smaller Budget

Whether you want a larger design that is perfect for the whole family, a lap pool for keeping in shape or you need a design for a smaller area (such as a courtyard), a fibreglass pool could be what you’ve been searching for. Hybrid Pools is committed to helping you find the perfect solution.

Why Our Shell Pools?

Fast Turnaround

If you need your new swimming pool completed yesterday, fibreglass is the perfect choice. They tend to be much quicker to install than concrete pools, meaning that you can start enjoying them sooner.

Range of Shapes

We have a variety of pool shapes to choose from, notably rectangular and free form. Our range includes the Entertainer, Federation, Freedom, Grecian, Lagoona, Platinum, San Remo and Senator (to name a few).

Cost Effective

One of the best things about shell pools in Malaysia is that they’re actually quite cost effective. If you’re on a budget or want to have more money to spend on landscaping, this could be the answer you seek.

Low Maintenance

These pools are relatively low maintenance, so you can spend less time cleaning and more time swimming (or sunbaking). The smooth and non-porous surface is incredibly easy to clean and is also resistant to stains!

Installation Process For Our Shell Pools

1. Engineering, Permits & Insurances

To begin with, your pool designs are sent to an engineer to ensure that we’re all good to go. Hybrid Pools will also obtain permits from your local council, as well as relevant insurances to ensure you are protected.

2. Setting Out & Excavation

Next, our expert team comes out to your home and sets out the perimeter of your new fibreglass pool in Malaysia. The site is then excavated to the appropriate depth for a perfect fit.

3. Shell Delivered & Installed

Once the excavation is complete, the fibreglass shell is delivered to your property and installed. In some cases, a crane is needed to lift the shell over your home!

4. Plumbed & Coping

The final step in the process sees the pool pump and drainage system plumbed. We can then finish it off with coping and paving or decking. Before we leave, we’ll even fill it with water for you.


How long will it take for my pool to be completed?

Once the excavation of your site is complete, it generally takes between 3 and 6 weeks for your project to be finished. The actual timeline will generally depend on the complexity of your site.

What sizes and depths are available?

These pools are available in a variety of sizes (our smallest is 4.5m x 2.7m and our largest is about 12m x 4.1m) and depths (from 1.2m to 2.2m). It should be noted, however, that sizes and depths are as per the mould.

Can I position the steps and ledges where I want them?

Unfortunately, no you can’t. The steps and ledges are set by the design of the mould, which cannot be altered.

How soon after installation can I use the pool?

Basically, your fibreglass pool is ready to go as soon as handover is complete (this is when we explain how everything works).